How Retail Shopping Has Changed Because of the Internet

How Retail Shopping Has Changed Because of the Internet

Retail stores used to be the most important aspect of any retail companies business. So much effort was put in to maximising the use of space, the design and overall user experience. Then along came the internet. At first the internet stayed secondary to retail stores, helping both companies and customers alike improve the shopping experience. But the internet has taken over the world and this includes retail shopping. Companies have needed to adapt to this new age in a number of ways. Here are some of the ways that the internet has changed the retail experience:

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More Knowledge to the Shopper

In the past, people visited shops with next to no knowledge about the products that they were looking at. Full trust was put in to the people selling us the products to inform us about all the information that we needed. The internet has changed this completely. We now have access to more information than we could ever imagine at the end of our finger. Customers are now able to do vigorous research on the products they need – making them just as informed as the people selling them it.

More Knowledge to the Seller

Just as the consumer has gained the ability to learn more about the products, the companies selling these products have the ability to research you. Previously, customer assistants would have to take time to listen to what you needed then make recommendations to you. The internet has allowed companies to research customers extensively – where they live, what they do, what they like etc. If you even look at one product on a company’s site, you’ll see a hundred other recommendations almost immediately.

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Mobile Phones Are Personal Assistants

Nearly every single person in today’s society carries around a smartphone. Whether it’s an iPhone or a Samsung, they stay with us at all times. They are now able to do so many things that they have become our own personal assistants. This has meant that focusing on the mobile side of things has become important to retail shopping. From apps that show a catalogue, to integrating mobile features in to brick and mortar stores – there has to be some form of effort when it comes to mobile.

Retail Shopping: Opinions Are More Important Than Ever

When it comes to retail, opinions have always mattered. Family member or friends recommending a product has happened forever. But thanks to the internet, people’s opinions carry more weight than ever before. In an instant we can see hundreds of detailed reviews about a product. This has put more pressure than ever for retail companies to deliver the highest possible standard. All the way through from the product to the customer experience.