Made To Measure Curtains Glasgow | Personalise Your Home

Made To Measure Curtains Glasgow | Personalise Your Home

There are so many ways for individuals to change up their living space and make it their own. From made to measure curtains Glasgow to removing doors in your rented flat, there are always options for things that can be done. Read on and see how we solved our interior design problems with one or two small changes.

If your house is very minimalist…

Occasionally, you will move into a flat that is extremely bare, even if it comes furnished. If you don’t want to do too much to achieve more space but also want to personalise it and make it a beautiful place to live, then we have just the idea.

·       Well placed plants and flowers

Plants are all the rage just now and it’s easy to see why. They instantly bring new life to a room, as well as improving the air quality. They look good either as greenery or as colourful bunches of flowers, whatever suits your style. It’s a relatively cheap and extremely easy way to change the look of your flat or house.

Made To Measure Curtains Glasgow

If your house has quirky features…

Sometimes flats in Glasgow or even houses have slightly strange layouts or strangely shaped rooms. This can be annoying when trying to decorate the space as you might struggle to work out where everything should fit and how to maximise the style. We have an idea.

Made to measure curtains Glasgow

Get your curtains made to measure and they can be used to hide away little nooks and crannies, or they can be closed to hide bay windows, or even just improve the look of your current windows. Made to measure curtains Glasgow could be a really versatile option for changing the look of a room.

Made To Measure Curtains Glasgow

If your house seems small/closed off…

Many houses, and especially flats, have the tendency to feel small as many are laid out in separate rooms all coming off of a hallway. Before you start asking the landlord if you can knock down walls in the flat, try our next idea.

Take out the doors between living spaces

Taking out the doors will remove the bulky things from view, and make space feel far more open plan. This is particularly effective when there is a door between a kitchen and living room or dining room as it gives more flow to the home and makes doing a practical task like serving food easier without the doors.

Where To Get Your Made To Measure Curtains Glasgow

If you do think we’ve got some good ideas here, we recommend a visit to Casa Blinds, one of the best perfect-fit curtain retailers in Scotland.