The Best Destinations for Hiking Holidays Europe Has To Offer

The Best Destinations for Hiking Holidays Europe Has To Offer

We all look forward to our holidays. Whether it’s 3 or 360 days away, we are constantly counting down to when our next vacation is going to be. One type of holiday that is becoming increasingly popular is hiking holidays. Walking across unchartered territory in foreign lands can be a breath-taking experience and word seems to have got out – because more people are going on them than ever. This list of destinations can satisfy all of your hiking needs, there’ll be a place on this list for everyone.

Iceland’s Eastern Trails

Iceland has become a popular destination over these past few years, but the eastern side of the island continues to be somewhat of a hidden treasure. With waterfalls, peaks, icecaps and volcanos (which erupted as recently as 2014) there is so much to see on such a small island. You’ll be taken in to fairy-tale land as you wander through Alfaborg – otherwise known as ‘Home of the Elves’. The whole holiday will you eight days.

Woman packing her bag as she stands on a hiking trail

High Tatra, Slovakia

If you’ve ever wanted to trek across the Alps but have been put off by the expensive price of it – then this is the destination for you. Offering the same thrills and challenges as Europe’s most famous mountain range, you’ll spend your nights in Slovakian huts for an authentic experience. This hiking holiday is seven days long.

The Pirin/Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Staying in Eastern Europe for this one, Bulgaria offers some of the best hidden hill-walking that the continent has to offer. From the highest peak in the Balkans (Musala – 2,925 metres) to glacial lakes and even wildlife such as wolves and bears – there is so much to see in this beautiful part of the world. It will take around seven days to complete.

Catalonia Hiking Holidays

It may have been in the news lately for more political reasons, but Catalonia is one of Europe’s most diverse and beautiful landscapes. Catalonia has so many different geographic types that it will feel as if you’ve been to a million different places by the end of the holiday. There are volcanic zones, lakes, historic towns and beaches along the way. There’s something for everyone on this eight day vacation.

Man hiking across a grassy terrain with clouds in the distance

Germany’s Historic Bavaria

Germany is known for its hiking culture so there are so many different destinations to choose from. We have gone with something a bit different. Walking along the Bavarian border will take you through farmlands, forests and vineyards as well as some of the most majestic medieval towns. The food and drink on this seven day hike is certainly a highlight.

Path of Peace, The Balkans

When the Kosovo war eventually ended in 1999 there was a project put in place in order to promote resolution in an area where tensions had been risen for a number of years. The result was one of Europe’s best walking trails. The path unites Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo and offers beautiful views from mountain tops. The whole journey will take you around eight days.