Where to go for Professional Manchester Teeth Whitening

Where to go for Professional Manchester Teeth Whitening

Oakley Dental is a clinic in Manchester offering professional teeth whitening. We all want to look our best. Although taste and style varies from person to person there is one thing that seems to be consistently desired across multiple cultures: white teeth. Having clean, bright teeth that are light in colour and fairly straight is not merely a sign of beauty but it signifies health and cleanliness which, for most people on the planet, will spark physical attraction to other people. So, how do you get whiter teeth? There are many over the counter products available that claim to whiten teeth, such as special toothpastes, mouth washes and even strips however the safest and most effective way to whiten teeth is to have a professional dentist do it.

Man smiling with very white teeth after having Manchester teeth whitening applied

Where to get Manchester Teeth Whitening

Oakley Dental is a private dentist surgery located in Bury, Manchester, offering a comprehensive range of dental treatments that are intended to restore the health and physical appearance of the teeth. Manchester teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments at Oakley Dental; types of teeth whitening available at the clinic include:

Chair-Side Manchester Teeth Whitening

This procedure takes place at the dental practice where the dentist will advise the patient which treatment is most suitable for that individual. Depending on the current colouration of the teeth plus any other pre-existing dental or oral conditions will affect the decision.

Dentist Supervised Home Whitening

This process allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home while you brighten your teeth, with the ultimate goal of not needing teeth whitening from the dentist. Initially you will attend the practice to receive a gum-shield tray in which you will lay the whitening gel and wear for a period of time specified by your dentist.

Woman leaning against railing with hands on head smiling after getting Manchester teeth whitening done.


All You Need to Know on Teeth Whitening at Oakley Dental

Professional Manchester teeth whitening consists of a gel that is placed on the teeth either with assistance from the dentist or with use of the plastic gum-shield tray provided. There is an active ingredient in the gel, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which is broken down, allowing oxygen to get into the teeth enamel and dentine thus lightening them colour. At home teeth whitening can take several weeks to see results whereas teeth whitening conducted by your dentist at the surgery takes merely a few hours. Results will vary depending on your lifestyle but people who have had professional teeth whitening have confirmed that results last up to three years. Smoking or drinking and eating products that will stain your teeth, such as coffee and red wine, will significantly shorten the duration of the results. Many people decide to make slight alterations to their lifestyle after having their teeth whitened in order to help make results last. During the teeth whitening process some people experience increased sensitivity to cold and others find that their gums are uncomfortable. Typically these symptoms disperse after the treatment. Tooth whitening can only be applied to natural teeth so if you have dentures, veneers, crowns or false teeth then you will not be able to have whitening applied to those teeth.